European Keratin Smoothing Treatment | Formaldehyde Free

European keratin smoothing TM by "BOMBSHELL KERATIN  ®":



The Keratin treatment is undoubtedly one of the best means to maintain the health of your hair and also to make it smooth and shiny as well. Our European Keratin smoothing TM by Bombshell Keratin  ® offers the best option in this respect and provide the best solution for any kind of curly, rough or frizzy hair to get a smooth and shiny look. It also helps in the healthy growth of the hair as well. 

Our Keratin treatment formaldehyde free is also the best means to get the best choices of healthy and nourishing hair as well. The effects of our treatment are estimated to last for at least 4-5 months and therefore, it does not require daily straightening. In fact daily straightening can damage your hair and make it look rough and frizzy. 

 Therefore, the choice is quite simple with the help of our smoothing treatment you can easily get your desired hairstyle and along with that you can easily ensure the healthy growth of your hair as well. This is in fact the most beneficial choice from any perspective. With our hair treatment experts we ensure the best solution for your hair smoothing and hair straightening. This is in fact the safest means to straighten your hair without any further problems. 

Our European Keratin smoothing TM is one of the best means to get the healthiest smoothing treatment option for any kind of hair. This product is completely legal in the European Union and having no toxic ingredients and 100% formaldehyde free. This is the best option to have a brilliant shiny hair. Therefore offering a smooth and frizz free radiance to the hair. This product is applicable for any kind of hair type.


The best features involve:


  • Up to 40% hair smoothness
  • A lasting after effect of treatment for up to 4 months
  • Completely legal in European Union and 100% Formaldehyde free
  • No existence of toxic ingredients
  • Offers deep hair penetration with brilliant shine. 



We recommend our clients to stick to gentle hair treatment after the treatment and the use of follow-up care cosmetics like Keratin shampoo and Bombshell Keratin®.



Private label/ Contract manufacturing/ OEM is available