Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment | Formaldehyde Free

The Brazilian Keratin treatment is a revolutionary process of straightening your hair without causing any damage to it. On the other hand the Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment is one of the best means of getting back the lost shine of your hair and to give it a straight and gorgeous look.

This hair treatment product offered by Bombshell Keratin is one of the most effective means to have a straight smooth and shiny hairstyle. The product Brazilian keratin treatment Formaldehyde free is a safe product which can be easily used with excellent results.

Through the proper usage of the formula you can easily smooth up your hair up to 70%. Rapid treatment and hair restoration are the best features of this product. The Brazilian keratin treatment offered by Bombshell-Keratin is one of the best available option that can maintain the straightness and smoothness of your hair for up to 4 months.

The product does not emit any kind of acrid smoke and have a pleasant smell. It also offers low drug consumption as you need only 30ml per treatment to have a brilliant shine for your hair.

The best features of Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment offered by “Bombshell keratin  ®” are:

  • No waiting time.
  • Excellent and effective results within a short time.
  • Simple and speedy treatment
  • Low drug consumption (30ml / treatment)
  • No acrid smoke with a pleasant smell.
  • At least 4 months of lasting effects treatment
  • Deep penetration within the hair resulting in brilliant shine.

We also offer a few follow up care cosmetics like keratin shampoo and Bombshell keratin ® which are quite effective in maintaining the shine of your hair with best results. It is recommended a few suggestions in order to maintain the best effects and the shine which includes: gentle treatment of hair, avoiding heavy traffic on the hair tails, bun, braids etc. in order to have the best protection for the hair.

Therefore, if you are having curly and frizzy hair and want change your style with a straight smooth and shiny hairstyle the best option available is to go through our Brazilian Keratin hair treatment which will also save you from your time and efforts of daily straightening as well. Our hair treatment procedure is completely safe and is healthy and nourishing for your hair and it also offers the best option to get your desired hairstyle.




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