African Keratin Straightening | Keratin Hair Straightening

African keratin straightening TM by "BOMBSHELL KERATIN  ®":

One of the latest fashion trends is to have straight, smooth and shiny hairstyle. There is also a fact that several people having natural straight hair often lose their natural straightness of hair for several reasons and they also want to get back their shine and smoothness. The best solution to this problem is the choice of African Keratin straightening TM which can make your hair straight, smooth and shiny.

Although it is a fact that most people have the misconception of the process of hair straightening to have harmful effects on the hair but the fact is that when it is done in the proper manner with the proper hair treatment process there is no such risk. In fact Keratin is a natural protein present in hair and when there is a lack of keratin in hair it may result in several problems like hair fall, roughness and such other problems.

But with the help of our Keratin hair straightening treatment by Bombshell Keratin  ® it is a lot easier to get back the health and nutrition of your hair and to get the best solution for your hair problems. Not only that it is also the best means to get your hair straightened with the perfect smoothness and shine that you desire. Therefore, we offer the best solution to help you get your desired hairstyle.

It should be kept in mind in this respect that improper hair straightening procedure and daily usage of hair straightener can indeed cause a good deal of damage to your hair. To avoid any such problems we offer our best formaldehyde free treatment which maintains the health and nutrition for your hair without causing any damage. Therefore, if you are looking for the best hair straightening solution with the best solution for a longer duration of straight and smooth hair we offer the best solution that you can get.

Our innovation in African keratin straightening TM is  Keratin which is delivered from natural human hair. This Keratin is the best donor keratin because it contains all 18 amino acids as well as our hair. Keratin is the best conditioner for hair. African keratin straightening TM very well conditioning a hair so they become smoothed and straight by natural way.

Our African Keratin straightening TM treatment includes:

  • 100% legal straightening treatment and permitted to use in European Union
  • Even the most curly hair can be straightened up to 95%
  • 100% formaldehyde free
  • Completely non-toxic and easy to use
  • Deep penetrating formula with brilliant shining effects



Private label/ Contract manufacturing/ OEM is available