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Bombshell Keratin ®  excels in producing high quality cosmetic products for real professionals, experts in cosmetic products and anyone with the preference of using only professional hair care cosmetics.

With the use of winning combination of Brazilian keratin treatment technology and European development we have become one of the leading name in professional cosmetics for straightening and smoothing hair. We are an international brand with factories in Brazil and Russia.

We have been successfully working with reputed scientists from around the world for many years and producing brilliant hair care products like Bombshell Keratin ®. Over the years we have perfected our formula and have launched several new products.

The brand name “Bombshell” sands for “sex-bomb” and which is also symbolic of our popularity boom in the world of hair care products and cosmetics. With Bombshell products it is a lot easier for our clients to get bombshell effects in their appeal and beauty.

We take pride in the high success rate of our products in offering desired look and grace to our customers. For many years countless clients have used our products and have successfully changed their appearance in becoming more gorgeous and attractive. Providing shiny smooth and straight hair is one of our specialties which have made our products more popular.

We deliver what we preach and this has been the most important reason behind our success. With our years of experience and the expertize of the scientists we have presented several keratin based cosmetics.

Our products are 100% formaldehyde free and are completely legal in European Union. With this assurance anyone can change their curly and frizzy hair into having a smooth straight sexy hairstyle by using our products. For professional experts our products have reached the highest popularity with the extraordinary non-toxic and odorless products that we offer.

With the use of our revolutionary process and unique formula the use of our products ensures the best hair straightening opportunity without causing any damage. With proper usage our products are capable of straightening the curliest hair up to 70% with a lasting effect for a longer duration of time than any other hair care products.